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Milan Blend -

Tasting Notes:
 Crafted exclusively from 100% Arabica beans, the Milan blend embodies refinement and cleanliness. Its modest yet refreshing acidity adds a touch of liveliness, while the subtle aromatics entice the senses, paving the way for a satisfying finish that strikes the perfect balance. The sweet and caramelized liquor boasts delightful notes of milk chocolate, cedar, and hazelnut, melding harmoniously with its syrupy texture to create an exceptional espresso experience. When combined with milk, a gentle presence of vanilla and caramel permeates, establishing an excellent balance of complexity that lingers from the front to the back of the palate. The Milan blend is a testament to the artistry of coffee, promising a superb and gratifying cup every time. 

Six origins including Guatemala, Brazil, Tanzania, and Sumatra. 

  • $41.00