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20 Coffee Origins on the Factory Floor!

20 Coffee Origins on the Factory Floor!


At Custom Coffees, we take pride in being an unusual coffee roaster in offering a vast selection of around 20 different coffee bean origins. As you embark on a journey through the captivating flavours of various regions, join us in experiencing the global symphony of coffee. From the misty mountains of Latin America to the vibrant landscapes of Africa and the exotic treasures of the Pacific Islands, each origin tells a unique story through its altitude, climate, and distinct taste notes. 

Discover the remarkable range of flavours available at Custom Coffees, where we roast and curate the finest beans from around the world.

  1. Latin America: A World of Smooth Delights
    At Custom Coffees, we source beans from Latin America, including renowned origins like Brazil, Colombia, Peru, and Costa Rica. These beans, grown at altitudes ranging from 600 to 2,000 meters above sea level, offer a symphony of smooth and delightful flavors. Indulge in the richness of Brazil with its nutty notes, or savor the balanced acidity and fruity sweetness of Colombia. Experience the bright acidity and citrusy cocoa flavours of Peru, or the crisp acidity with hints of honey, citrus, and berries from Costa Rica.

  2. Africa: Unveiling Complex and Vibrant Tastes
    Our collection features African origins, including the birthplace of coffee itself, Ethiopia. Known for its diverse flavour profiles, Ethiopian coffee presents an array of fruity, floral, and tea-like tastes. Kenya offers a bold experience with its bright acidity and complex flavours of black currant, citrus, and wine. Tanzania tantalizes with its rich and bold character, featuring notes of black tea, chocolate, and tropical fruit. Rwanda captivates with delicate brightness, red fruit flavours, floral hints, and a clean finish.

  3. Asia: A Fusion of Bold and Exotic Flavors
    At Custom Coffees, we embrace the unique tastes of Asia with origins like India, Indonesia, Vietnam, and East Timor Maubesi. Our Indian coffees entice with their full-bodied, spicy profiles, complemented by hints of dark chocolate, nuts, and earthiness. Indonesian coffees, including Sumatra and Java, offer a deep, earthy experience with low acidity and intriguing notes of herbs and spice. Vietnam delights with its mild acidity, balanced bitterness, and flavours of chocolate, tobacco, and nuts. East Timor Maubesi adds to the Pacific Islands group, bringing its own distinct flavors and characteristics.

  4. Central America: Harmony in Every Sip
    In our collection, we celebrate the harmonious flavors of Central America. Discover the medium acidity, full body, and enticing cocoa, caramel, and stone fruit notes of Guatemala. Honduras offers balanced acidity, medium body, and a pleasing combination of chocolate, nuts, and citrus. Nicaragua enchants with bright acidity, medium body, and a delightful blend of fruity and chocolatey flavors.

  5. Pacific Islands: Exotic Treasures Await
    Custom Coffees showcases beans from Pacific Islands, including Papua New Guinea, Hawaii, and East Timor Maubesi. Papua New Guinea delights with medium acidity, full body, and flavours of tropical fruit, chocolate, and spices. Hawaii entices with its smooth and well-balanced profiles, featuring a touch of sweetness and hints of floral and fruity notes. East Timor Maubisse adds its unique character to the Pacific Islands group, offering its own distinctive taste notes.


At Custom Coffees, we invite you to explore the remarkable diversity of coffee bean origins from around the world. With our wide selection of around 20 different origins, including the exotic addition of East Timor Maubisse, you can embark on. Enjoy.