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Our Superb Coffee is Your Point of Difference

The coffee-drinking public has become very discerning when it comes to the quality and consistency of the coffee they enjoy. Therefore, it’s vital that the coffee you serve makes an impact with your customers, attracts new clientele and—most importantly—keeps them coming back. Not only are people in search of a premium gourmet roast with a predictable and generous flavour, when they find it, they can’t wait to tell their friends, family and co-workers. The best place to buy great coffee has never been a hotter topic of conversation! Become part of that conversation. We offer the options of Award Winning single origin, classic, Fairtrade, and organic coffee, as well as our popular coffee blends.

Our skillfully-crafted blends are well-known for their richness, sweetness and complexity, created from our rotating stock of approximately 50 varieties of diverse raw coffee beans, sourced from around the world. We blend to specified and proven recipes, then small-batch roast and deliver promptly for freshness. While we have more than 20 existing blends available, you can also choose to work with our Master Roaster to create your own ‘Signature Coffee’ blend, unique to your café, restaurant, catering business or chain. Custom Coffees enables you to get the edge on your competition—and maintain it—generating customer loyalty and becoming that ‘talked about’ café or restaurant.  

Delivering Perfectly Roasted Coffee to You and Your Customers


We guarantee your chosen gourmet blend will be consistent and perfect every time, and that we’ll deliver the volume you need, on time, no matter where you are in Australia. We base that claim on over a decade of experience roasting, packing, and courier delivering wholesale coffee. Our Italian-crafted, Vittoria hot-air roaster, can provide high volume roasted beans 24/7. Our passion for superb coffee ensures consistent and predictable results and timely deliveries. Have no doubt, we’re committed to providing Victoria’s hospitality industry with the best locally-roasted coffee beans.

We are always happy to talk coffee—origins, beans, roasting, blends, espresso machines, brewing tips—all things coffee! We’d like nothing better than to discuss our commercial roasting service, and to help you make the coffee you serve a real point of difference for your customers. To discuss your contract coffee needs, please contact our sales team by calling(03) 5443 9922. Download a blend list!