About Us

Our Green Bean Beginnings

Custom Coffees was first established in late 2000 as Grata Gourmet Coffees and thereby became the first coffee roasting company outside of Melbourne.  The original owners, Scott and Merrill MacLeod, initially intended to only open a store front in the Bendigo CBD, but the market for their artisan wholesale roasted coffees blossomed so quickly, they moved to the current, much larger factory location at Mayfair Park Estate, an industrial food precinct in East Bendigo. This rapid embrace and uptake of premium quality, locally roasted beans, reflected a growing cultural appreciation and enjoyment of coffee that continues today. 

Custom Coffees enjoys a reputation for outstanding coffees ethically sourced from around the World, and a customer service ethos and support structure that large National roasters simply couldn’t, and still can't, deliver.

Nearly 15 years on and now supplying Award Winning coffee to nearly 250 cafes, restaurants and clubs across Australia, together with more than a dozen employees, some of which have been with Custom Coffees since inception, Custom Coffees continues that fine pedigree, ethos and commitment to customer service and continues to build on providing, as always, the finest Gourmet coffees without compromise. 

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Roasting for Deep, Rich Flavour

Custom Coffees is regional Victoria’s first coffee roaster. Roasting and wholesaling our select coffee beans outside the metropolitan area, allows us to provide our clients with the freshest coffee through small-batch roasting and meeting delivery expectations difficult for industrial roasters. Located in Bendigo, we are fortunate to be both ‘local’, yet within easy reach of most Victorian regions, and delighted with the commendation of ‘innovative and exciting’ by Melbourne coffee drinkers.

The owners and staff at Custom Coffees have an authentic appreciation for the complex characteristics of coffee, together with absolute attention to detail when roasting and blending bean varieties. These are the traits that make Custom Coffees a standout artisan coffee producer. Once you've tasted our coffee, you'll understand why we're not just regional Victoria's first coffee roaster, we're regional Victoria's premier coffee roaster.